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Bastian, Don

With a background from the Alberta College of Art, it was natural for Don to mix his carpentry skills, with his love of art.

Bell, Leslie

wood, paper, wire
Leslie Bell was born in North Carolina, studied languages at the University of Alberta and art and illustration at Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver, British Columbia and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Benson, Craig

wood, paper, wire
Craig is passionate about life on earth, its mystery, magic, beauty and diversity. His work celebrates and honours the creatures with which we share this planet. His desire is to represent not only the physical likeness of his subject, but also its character, so that the viewer not only recognizes the beauty of the finished artwork, but also feels drawn to the energy and spirit of the creature itself.

Berlanda, Renato

clay, mixed media
A sculptor and artist from Croatia, currently residing in Victoria, BC, Canada. Current pieces are made from materials used in daily work.
Renato on Instagram

Braddle, Derek F

copper, brass, steel wood, and wax

Brookman, Beverley

clay, cement and resin
Beverley loves the human figure and working with a model. Her latest work involves using natural plants for design and colour.

Beverley Brookman artist page

Cline, Daniel

bronze, stone
A multi-talented sculptor, noted for his ability to transform a wide variety of types of stone into sculptures of unique form and spirit.

Daniel Cline Sculpture

Cole, Stephen

stone, wood, and life cast sculptures

The Rising Stone

Currie, Duncan

Daigle, George

Dayman, Barry

Doyle, Judee

Davies, Susan

ceramic, mixed

Dobbs, Fred
VISG President
bronze, cold cast, sand sculpting
With more than 25 years experience sculpting in a wide range of mediums, Fred has amassed a portfolio of work that includes architectural, figurative, and animated themes.

Dziwenka, Dale

Dale Dziwenka is a contemporary sculptor that combines
wood, steel, and stone to create unique, abstract sculptures.

Finnigan, Barbara


Forman, Lesley


Frew, Brent


Furtado, Melanie

clay, casting
Melanie is a contemporary realist sculptor working in traditional techniques and draws inspiration from the human experience.

Glaros, Angellos

wood, steel, stone
Angellos has begun to find his own coastal style, and works in a variety of sculptural media to create pieces of stunning beauty and life.

Giles, Graham

Gillies, Scott

Inspired by nature and working with marble, granite, driftwood and other materials such as chicken wire.

Glover, Ginny

bronze, clay, etc

Graham, Lesley

A story teller, not in words, but in stone. Her work reflects a childhood intrigued with human nature and how our beliefs influence our attitudes and behaviours towards ourselves, each other and the animal kingdom.

Haisell, Michael


Harding, Marj


Harder, Paul


Helm, Joanne

clay, bronze, fabric

Heggen, Ole


Hildebrand, Carmen & Jock

Houg, Carolyn


Hunwick, David

Ivens, G. James


Laforme, Kent


Lancy, Karen


Landsman, Paula

clay, stone

Lindsay, Linda

terracotta and bronze
Over the years, by sculpting for thousands of hours from life-models, taking additional courses, and studying anatomy while modeling écorché figures she has refined her skills. With great determination to represent the truest sense of the human spirit and beautiful figurative forms, she creates each of her terracotta and bronze sculptures.

MacKinnon, Alison

Multimedia artist

Martell, Larry


Maxwell, Andy

stone, glass, wood

Mercury, Leon

clay, wood

Monfette, Louise

clay, plaster, bronze

Newman, Lindsey


Paterson, Beverly
Beautiful figurative sculptures with a touch a whimsical touch.

Petow, Beverly


Rebar, Mike


Mike sculpts local marble that he harvests form various sites on Vancouver Island and Quadra Island. His pieces range from 6 inches to 6 feet high and reflect a west coast theme. The body of his work embraces natural themes emulated in powerful, free-form designs.

Mike Rebar Stone Sculptor on Facebook

Regan, Leonard

clay, stone

Roemer, Heidi


Rossner, Christa

stone, clay, cement

Scott, Nathan
Most of Nathan’s sculptures reflect his love for people, young and old, interacting with their particular situations and surroundings.

Silas, Rick L.

Signature glass paintings, “cracked ice” bent-glass sculptures and wood carvings.

Smith, Richard

Richard has quite an eclectic body of work because of the freedom his foundry has given him to experiment. He’s always enjoyed sculpting the human form because of its volumes, twists and turns; one body but a million forms.

Stairs, Steven

Stunningly elegant and simple in design, abstract wood sculptures.

Thorpe, Sue


Thomas, Robert


Van Eerden, Audrey

stone, clay

Waller, Trinita

Bronze, wood and stone
Trinita’s figurative works capture the beauty and grace of the female form in a variety of mediums.

Ware, Grahame “Buzz”

wood, driftwood, objet naturel trouvé
The naturally abstract spirit of wood sparks the imagination and comes to life at my studio, Phantasma sculptura or imagination carved.

Yalte, Zulis

stone, wood, mixed media and multi media